Agrasol was established in 2016 with the goal of providing agribusiness clients with the tools and knowledge to establish and maintain successful businesses in an ever evolving and highly competitive industry.

Our global partnerships

We pride ourselves on our ongoing cooperation and partnership with leading agricultural experts and research centres. This provides us with both the theoretical and practical knowledge to assist our clients in building their agribusinesses.

Our team

At Agrasol, our human resource is without a doubt our most valuable one. We employ highly trained, skilled and experienced consultants in our various fields of expertise, including greenhouse management, outdoor crop management, fruit tree project management, and more.



Our projects

Since its foundation, the company has been involved in numerous projects and provided professional consultancy in the fields of agriculture and horticulture.
Agrasol works with a worldwide clientele to whom we offer tailored strategies and solutions to suit the various climates, crops and of course, business environments.

Worldwide projects

Europe: Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Hungary
Asia: China, Philippines, China, Vietnam
Africa: Kenya, South-Africa, Botswana
South America: Colombia, Chile, Brazil

Our solutions

Agrasol is are able to supply top grade agricultural products from leading suppliers according to each client's needs and requests;
this includes a range of solutions from machinery and greenhouse materials to young plants and seeds.

Among our solutions and services:

  • Horticultural consulting
    • Agronomic guidance
    • Project feasibility studies
    • Financial planning
    • Project planning and implementation
    • Growth consulting
    • Livestock consulting
    • Marketing support
      • Logistics and supply chain support

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